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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Route Vetter's Comments Received

I have just received back my Route Vetter's comments. They are dated 8.1.12 ... so my vetter (Colin Crawford) was very swift in turning them around; any subsequent delays in transmission not being down to him!

Well ... I've only had time to give them a quick once-over, but there are certainly a few things there for me to think about. On the whole, however, the comments are very positive and upbeat.

"This is a demanding and inventive route" ... and "this looks like a splendid route, ambitious and with an attractive mix of hills, well walked standards and some less visited country" are the comments which really stand out.

All in all I'm chuffed ... but I need to take a good look at the suggested variations, and see whether I wish to alter my plans.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

That's it ... my route has been submitted!

Well, there it is. After lots of squinting at my maps and counting little squiggly lines, I have submitted my route for vetting and comments. It is pretty much the one mentioned a couple of posts ago in this blog, subject to one or two alterations to take account of helpful comments received on the Challenge message board and from others along the way.

I should have liked to have got it in a little sooner; but with a major 5 day trial in December and all the disruption that entailed, I am quite frankly glad to have been able to submit it so soon.

Tum te tum. Now to sit back and wait for vetter's comments. I wonder what they'll make of my second phone-in point: London!?