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Thursday, 5 January 2012

That's it ... my route has been submitted!

Well, there it is. After lots of squinting at my maps and counting little squiggly lines, I have submitted my route for vetting and comments. It is pretty much the one mentioned a couple of posts ago in this blog, subject to one or two alterations to take account of helpful comments received on the Challenge message board and from others along the way.

I should have liked to have got it in a little sooner; but with a major 5 day trial in December and all the disruption that entailed, I am quite frankly glad to have been able to submit it so soon.

Tum te tum. Now to sit back and wait for vetter's comments. I wonder what they'll make of my second phone-in point: London!?


  1. London? I take it you have a challenge interruption?

  2. You've got it in one, Carl.

    I need to get back to London mid-Challenge for my union's AGM and annual dinner (if all goes well I shall have been elected to one fo the national officer posts by then, and cannot really omit to attend).

    So four days takes me to Corrour station - the sleeper takes me to London, I attend the AGM and dinner, and the sleeper whisks me back to Corrour. I don't even save myself walking the distance between the two platforms, as the London-bound platform is the easternmost platform of the two ...