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Friday, 23 November 2012

Route submitted ... feeling smug

So here it is ... pretty much the route I posted before, but with a few little tweaks.

FRIDAY 10 MAY: 22 km, 710m climb. Old coast road from Morar to Arisaig school; track past Sunisletter and Scamadale; and follow the stream up from Lochan a Bhealaich to Loch a Choire Riabhaich, making my camp by the loch.

SATURDAY 11 MAY: 18 km, 450m climb. Head East to Lochan Feith a Mhadaidh, follow the string of lochans up then descend by Allt a' Bhlair Dheirg and Abhainn Chlacach. Cross the River Meoble by bridge (at Rifern if the one further upstream doesn't look sound) and head up River Meoble to Loch Beoraid. Follow the non-existent path along the North shore of Loch Beoraid past Kinlochbeoraid, cross the Ruighe Breac and camp on the south bank.

SUNDAY 12 MAY: 28 km, 1100m climb. Cross back to the north bank of the Ruighe Breac and follow up through Coire Odhar Mor and onto the ridge. Follow the ridge up to SGURR NAN COIREACHAN (Munro #1: the third year running I've had it on my route card, and the third different projected approach!) then descend Sgurr a' Choire Riabhaich to Corryhully. Follow track down Glen Finnan to Glenfinnan (telephone point #1); cross the Callop river bridge and follow the track east then the road through Coille Druim na Saille and the track up Gleann Fionnlighe to Na Socachan and make camp there.

FWA for Sunday 12 May: Up Gleann Donn and down the Allt a' Chaol ghinne to Corryhully then continue as above.

MONDAY 13 MAY: 31 km, 1250m climb. Ascend GULVAIN (Munro #2) and ridge walk to Maol Aird then descend to Inver Mallie. Track to Achnacarry and road to Gairlochy, cross the Caledonian Canal and head up to the Old Pines Hotel for a night of luxury (and telephone point #2)

FWA for Monday 13 May: Follow the Fionn Lighe upstream then pass between Meall Onfhaidh and Meall a' Phubuill to Glensulaig, then follow path ENE and down Glen Loy, turn left and take the road and canal path to Gairlochy then continue to Old Pines as planned.

TUESDAY 14 MAY: 27 km, 850m climb to camp site, with 230m or so of optional climb after makign camp. Road past the commando memorial and down into Spean Bridge then along south bank of River Spean to Insh. Track up to the old tramway and follow this to Fersit. Ascend the Allt Chaorach Beag and camp at Lochan Coire an Lochan. Optional light evening ascent of STOB COIRE SGIODAIN (Munro #3)

FWA for Tuesday 14 May: stay low after Fersit and follow path round to camp by the stream just before the map edge.

WEDNESDAY 15 MAY: 23 km, 1390m climb. Ascend CHNO DEARG (Munro #4) and descend by Meall Dhearcaig. Track passing W and S of Strathossian house, then N up E shore of Loch Ghuilbinn. Ascend Allt Coire na Cosaig and BEINN EIBHINN (Munro #5) then ridge walk AONACH BEAG (Munro #6) and GEAL-CHARN (Munro #7), descending by way of Sgor Iutharn and following path to Culra bothy for the night.

FWA for Wednesday 15 May: descend and take path from Fersit round to Strathossian; and from Loch Ghuilbinn pass through bealach S of Ruigh Raonuill and follow path NE to S of Beinn a'Chlachair to Loch Pattack, then return to Culra.

THURSDAY 16 MAY: 22 km, 680m climb. Follow track past Loch Pattack and ascend Creagan an t-Seallaidh - Meall Cruaidh - ridge walk THE FARA (Corbett #1), descend NE ridge to Allt an t-Sluic then track and road into Dalwhinnie, making use of the Dalwhinnie bunkhouse. Telephone #3 from Dalwhinnie.

FWA for Thursday 16 May: just trudge up Loch Ericht

FRIDAY 17 MAY: 29 km, 810m climb. S out of Dalwhinnie and take the track up to the old quarry, then CARN NA CAIM (Munro #8), Meallan Buidhe, head NE and take path down off Bruthach na Craoibhe. Path and track N past Gaick Lodge and path up Allt Bhran, making camp shortly before the map edge.

FWA for Friday 17 May: follow the aqueduct up to Loch Cuaich then contour round below Meall Cuaich and descend to Bhran Cott, crossing the river there and heading up to planned camp by Allt Bhran.

SATURDAY 18 MAY: 29 km, 1300m climb. Follow path up to Minigaig then ridge walk the boundary line to CARN EALAR (Munro #9) and AN SGARSOCH (Munro #10) then descend N ridge and follow track to Geldie Lodge. Cross the Geldie Burn and make camp on the N bank; or on the S bank if the Geldie is not fordable.

FWA for Saturday 18 May: Take track NE past the woods and down the Feshie to Stronetoper bridge, cross and return up the Feshie and path to the Geldie, making camp at some suitable spot (possibly the stables).

SUNDAY 19 MAY: 23 km, 100m climb. Track down the Geldie to White Bridge - Linn of Dee - Mar Lodge - Victoria Bridge - road into Braemar and telephone point #4.

FWA for Sunday 19 May: if unable to cross the Geldie, follow the south bank down then up to Bynack Lodge. Cross the Allt an t-Seilich and ascend Buachaille Breige. Turn N towards Carn Liath then follow track down Allt Cristie Beag (& Mor) to Inverey, then road to Braemar.

MONDAY 20 MAY: 26 km, 1090m climb. S out of Braemar and track up Glen Callater to Lochcallater Lodge. Track up to CARN AN TUIRC (Munro #11) then CAIRN OF CLAISE (Munro #12) - Ca Whims - TOM BUIDHE (Munro #13) - Crow Craigies and descend Jock's Road to make a camp just above the woods.

Unofficial FWA for Monday 20 May: From Lochcallater Lodge, take the path up towards Carn an t-Sagairt Mor then CAIRN BANNOCH (alternative Munro #11) - BROAD CAIRN (alternative Munro #12), descend to the stable then down to Bachnagairn, Moulzie and find a camp spot at Acharn. I've been up there in pretty foul weather, and reckon it's not going to be a major issue.

OFFICIAL FWA for Monday 20 May: road S out of Braemar up and over the Devil's Elbow and down to Spittal of Glenshee and either hole up in the hotel or head up to Loch Beanie and camp there.

TUESDAY 21 MAY: 25 km, 1220m climb. Descend to Acharn, then Kilbo Path to Glack of Balquhader (diverting to either or both of MAYAR and DREISH if needed to lift the number of Munros and Corbetts on the crossing to 12 and thus make it my first High Level crossing) then Cragie Thieves - The high Tree - Bad Buidhe - path to Eskielawn - Corwharn - path down to make camp by stream below Tarapetmile.

FWA for Tuesday 21 May from Acharn: Road down Glen Clova (crossing bridge to south side of Glen) then the Minister's Path to Glenprosen Village and road to Easter Lednathie and Wester Lednathie then up Glen Uig to camp site

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE for Tuesday 21 May if starting from Spittal of Glenshee or Loch Beanie: Down Glen Beanie to Glen Isla - Folda - The Mill - Craighead - Craignity - Freuchies - Glenmarkie Lodge - Glenhead Farm - Backwater Reservoir - Craig of Balloch - Glen Quharity and find camp spot

WEDNESDAY 22 MAY: 33 km, 640m climb. Track S then ascend Clinking Cauldron - Cormaud - Monthrey - Cat Law - Long Goat. Descend path SE then Bykenhillock - Clackburn - Cortachy - Shielhill Bridge - Eskhill - Meadows - Over Bow - bridge over A90 and Forfar camp site. Telephone #5 from Forfar.

THURSDAY 23 MAY: 29 km, 320m climb. By road to Letham - Colliston - Letham Grange - old railway path to St Vigeans - Wardykes - Bearfaulds and cycle track to Whiting Ness. Finish here and take overnight accommodation in Arbroath before heading up to montrose on Friday.

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