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Sunday, 28 February 2016

The last three Munros of 2015 (3)

The path to Peter's Rock veers slowly away from Loch Ossian, but the loch is still there to be seen off to the left, glistening in the morning sunlight. You can hardly miss it ... which is more than I can say of Peter's Rock. Arriving at the path junction where it is supposed to be ... well, I could see nothing which might conceivably be the lapidary landmark in question; but that hardly mattered because there was no doubting the location, or that the slopes directly ahead of me were those of Meall na Leitire Duibhe. My course lay straight ahead, up those slopes, then follow the ridge round the Coire Creagach and up to the summit of Carn Dearg. And so I stepped off the path, and began a steady ascent.

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