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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Monadhliath Munros (6)

Carn Sgulain also has its summit cairn; and again I did not linger.

Leaving the summit behind, I did not attempt any sophisticated navigation. I simply pointed myself something approximating to East South East (erring in favour of East rather than South East, on account of the rather scary looking outcrops on the map) until I hit the streams. Then I crossed over, and turned South, looking for a way down into the valley. There are no paths shown on the map this high up, and there were none on the ground. It was all rough, wet, tussocky grass with occasional boggy patches to relieve the monotony; but in time the going got better and eventually I found something worthy of the name of "path"; and somewhat higher up the valley than it is shown on the map, too.

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