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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Monadhliath Munros (10)

The summit Cairn of Geal Charn was no place to linger! I paused briefly to reflect on 50 Munros ascended (234 to go); but after a quick celebratory pull on my hip flask, I pressed on, keen to get to conditions where I was happy to take my gloves off so I could eat my lunch.

THe landforms were clear and obvious, even in this murk, so I didn't make much use of my compass or GPS (don't think I made any use of 'em, actually!) - I just followed the ridge, taking care to avoid getting to close to the cliffs, and began my descent. As I gradually emerged from the cloud, it became clear that I had actually drifted onto the little spur to the North of Lochan a' Choire, but this was no biggie. I sat and ate my lunch, then headed across the head of the corrie to the Bruach nam Biodag and began my descent in earnest.

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