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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Monadhliath Munros (8)

On the morning of 20 October, Ali drove me out to Garva Bridge, and I set off to "bag" Geal Charn. My route was to ascend the Fieth Talagain to the confluence of the Allt Coire nan Dearcag, then ascend more or less due North East until the summit of Geal Charn was reached. From there, I would continue North East then down the Bruach nam Biodag to a bridge in Glen Markie which isn't shown on the map, but which Ali assured me is there. I could then follow the track to the West of the Markie Burn to the Spey Dam, and the road to Laggan. Ali told me that if I ran out of daylight I was welcome to phone for a lift. I hoped not to need this; but Laggan to Newtonmore by road is a long way.

I was, perhaps, a little disappointed that the wwekend would not give me all four Monadhliath Munros; especially since the one I was missing out - Carn Dearg - was potentially the most difficult to incorporate into a Challenge route (ascend from Stronelairg Lodge to Chalybeate Spring, I guess - then Carn Donnachaidh Beag - Carn Odhar - Beinn Odhar - Sneachdach Slinnean - Carn Ban - Carn Dearg - South South East to the Col - descend more or less West to Loch Dubh and the path down Gleann Lochain looks like the best bet); but it had been the right decision to come in out of the storm; and Geal CHarn would be my 50th Munro, which was cause enough for celebration.

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