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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Easter in Snowdonia (2)

The local weather forecast, which I collected at the Youth Hostel, was not at all promising. High level was clearly going to be a non-starter, and the Glyderau were not on the menu. So I planned instead to head out to Bwlch-y-groes, over Moel Eilio, Foel Gran and Foel Groch, drop to the Snodson Ranger path, contour round Cwm Clogwyn and Cwm Caregog, through the pass to Cwm Llan, down to Nantgwynant and stop the night at the campsite at the head of Llyn Gwynant. The following day, I would make my way back to Llanberis by whatever route seemed best suited to the weather conditions.

I had brought some Ambronite with me, and was intending to trial it as a breakfast foodstuff. I was keen to know how well it would serve in this role as I was quite eager to be able to abandon my cereal and powdered goat's milk breakfasts of yore. So I made up some Ambronite and drank it for breakfast and - you know what? It seemed alright. Moreover, it sat lightly on my stomach as I headed out into the weather, which was really rather welcome.

I set out from the Youth Hostel at 9, and my route took me to a bridge over a little stream tumbling off the mountainside which, according to the map, is called Afon Goch. It was a pleasant little stream and I thought about taking a photograph, but the composition would not have been great and in the end I thought better of it. Instead, I took this picture of the path beyond the Afon Goch. As can be seen, I was wetting a fair bit of weather already, and there was no question but that this was going to be a full waterproofs day.

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