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Monday, 3 March 2014

Some Unfinished Business (9)

Well, Sunday didn't exactly dawn sunny and clear - but it was still, and the cloud base was reasonably high, and it was now or never. So I packed only my essential mountain gear, leaving all my overnight and cooking things in the bothy, and I headed back up Sgurr a Choire Riabhaich. As I did so, I was treated to some pretty spectacular views back down Glen Finnan, and I was glad I'd decided to give the horseshoe another crack.

It was an exhilaratign ascent, with a couple of enjoyable little scrambles; and once at the top there are some marvellous views. But would I have wanted to do it with full expedition gear? Well, probably not ... so perhaps it was as well that I had been unable to make it up here either time I attempted it on the Challenge?. I don't know ... really I don't know.

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