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Saturday, 19 March 2016

The last three Munros of 2015 (13)

As I descended towards the Bealach Leathann, I could see the Corbett rising up beyond it, and I began to do some mental calculations. Would I really have enough daylight to get up a third mountain, and then down to Benalder Cott? It was quite some way to go, and I began to worry that maybe I was trying to push myself too hard. It's a common fault of mine. I'd already cut the expedition plan down from something totally unwieldy to something a bit more manageable; but this Corbett might just be a top too far. So gradually I came up with a more sensible plan - I'd take a good look at the descent East from the Bealach. If I thought it was viable, I would drop down and make my way across the gently sloping Sail Chlachach to the bridge.

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