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Saturday, 19 March 2016

The last three Munros of 2015 (20)

I woke up the next morning, had breakfast, and packed my gear. The day was looking overcast, but the cloud base seemed pretty high and I hoped it wouldn't be interfering with my plan to go up and over Beinn Bheoil. I didn't need to make the final decision at once, however - the ascent of Beinn Bheoil from Benalder Cott begins with the Bealach Breabag path. If the weather turned against me, I could just stick to the path and follow it down through Bealach Beithe to Culra and Loch Pattack. I hoped this wouldn't be necessary, however, as I really wanted to have that third Munro to show for this expedition.

The ascent is none too difficult, and I gained height quite quickly. Trying to pace myself and avoid pushing too hard, I paused to take this photograph looking back over the bothy and Alder Bay beyond it. There really can be no question about it - this is a really rather special place!

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