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Saturday, 19 March 2016

The last three Munros of 2015 (18)

When I reached the tree line, I followed the fence (and it's a BIG deer fence, not easily crossable) in the direction of Benalder Cott. There is a gate at NN 491661 where the path comes up from the South, and for some reason I thought it might be easier going if I went through this and followed the fence line on the wooded side rather than the open hillside. It wasn't! It was broken and boggy, but I followed the fence down the hill and eventually collected the shore path. I intended to follow this all the way to Benalder Cott, but somehow I lost it at the final little wooded area in grid square NN 4967; so I just headed on up to the skyline, and then made my own way down to the bridge over the Alder Burn. I paused only to take this picture of Alder bay, with Benalder Cott beyond it.

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