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Friday, 1 January 2010

The 2000 Challenge, Day 6: Dalwhinnie

When planning my Challenge I had thought that it might be prudent to build a rest day into the schedule about half way across. This would enable me to recover a bit if I was feeling in need of a break; and also meant that I could stop short of my planned destination any day I needed to, in the confident knowledge that I could always make it up again by walking on my scheduled rest day.

My scheduled rest day was day 6, here in Dalwhinnie. So as Andy Desmond, my teenage nemesis, walked off into the early morning mist, I sat back in the hotel doing not a lot.

I visited the distillery, which used up a couple of hours. And I went and spent ages looking for traces of the old Highland Railway at the station. But that really is all that there is to do in Dalwhinnie. And it doesn't take a whole day, or anything like it!

So I sat cooling my heels, when I could have been walking. And I had a good evening meal, a good night in the bar with a number of other Challengers who had drifted in during the course of the day, I took a bath morning AND evening, and I got a good night's sleep before setting off again on Day 7.

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