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Friday, 25 April 2014

Another Bedfordshire walk (2)

Now many people, I know, think of Bedfordshire as a boring county: nothing but the A1 and M1, East Coast main line railway and West Coast main line railway, with lots of holes in the ground where they dug out the clay to make the bricks to build London (which they're gradually filling with all the household waste from the houses built with the bricks from the clay they dug out of those same holes in the ground) and a low-cost budget airport stuffed into the bottom left-hand corner for good measure. And if all you ever do is pass through it on your way to somewhere else, I can see how you might come to such a view of this lovely little county of ours.

If, on the other hand, you actually spend some time here, and take the trouble to get to know the agricultural hinterland of Bedfordshire, another picture emerges. It's rich, high-grade soil, meaning we get a lot of cereal growing, of course. But there's plenty else to be seen, too ... and there are many little surprises, such as this avenue planted along one of the rights of way just West of the A1.

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