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Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter in Drumochter (1)

So Easter came, and on Good Friday I jumped in my MG and buzzed up to Dalwhinnie, where I had booked myself a bunk in the Dalwhinnie Bunkhouse. They weren't serving dinners, so once I was installed in my room I drove up to Newtonmore and looked in on Ali Ogden at the hostel, and she kindly allowed me to borrow their kitchen to cook myself steak, egg and mushrooms which I had bought in the Co-op.

Saturday morning, I started off bright and early with my full Challenge expedition pack on my back. I had weighed it before setting off, and was pleased to find that I am making significant progress. It came in at about 14 kilos ... although that is with a bit less food than I shall be carrying on the Challenge.

I crossed the railway at the level crossing and made my way to the end of Loch Ericht. There was still plenty of snow on Ben Alder ... as the photo shows. However, I wasn't heading for Ben Alder. Instead, I crossed the dam and made my way through the woods, before turning South up the open hillside.

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