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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easter in Drumochter (13)

The descent was steep, and I was glad of my "security on steep ground" training as I picked my way carefully down, looking for good descent lines and deer tracks. It was slow, careful, tense stuff. Initially the slopes were convex, and trying to spot the parts of the slope that would be safest in descent later on was not easy. At one point I startled a herd of 50 or so deer, who were not expecting me to descend from above. When they looked up and spotted me, they all took to their heels. Perhaps the hairiest moment was crossing the deep defile of a little stream (from which I took this photograph showing the views of Loch Garry which I had from high on my hillside); but once I was across, the slope I had to cross took on a concave aspect, which meant I was able to see and plan my route for the entire remaining descent.

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