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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Cairngorms Expedition (16)

As I climbed towards The Devil's Point, I spotted a ptarmigan ... and then another. These ones, however, stayed around long enough for me to deploy my camera. As I tried to get into the best position to take my photograph, I saw another walker coming up behind me ... so I gestured to him to tread softly, and mouthed "ptarmigan", pointing to where they were. I took a few photographs, of which this is the best, and then we continued up to The Devil's Point together. As we did we talked of this and that, and it transpired that my new companion (whose name I now forget) had made exactly the same error of thinking he was on Sgor an Lochain Uaine when he was in fact on Cairn Toul ... but he figured out for himself that he couldn't be when he realized he hadn't seen Lochan Uaine. There's a lot of it about, it seems. Just as well he went up on a clear day.

In any event, it turned out that my companion had been in Corrour Bothy last night, and would be heading back down there before walking back out to Linn of Dee, so we decided to stay in company until the bothy. Our paces were well matched, and the attraction for me was that as he had already come up the Coire Odhar path, he'd be able to point me the correct way in the event of any ambiguity as to the path (although, in fact, when it came t it there was none).

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