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Friday, 26 September 2014

Cairngorms Expedition (9)

The Allt Luineag is a lovely little river with grassy banks ... and easily forded. Beyond it were the flanks of the North ridge of Monadh Mor, strewn with boulder fields. I picked my way through these, and soon found myself on a delightful ridge which led me to the summit. At the summit cairn I met another walker who was planning on continuing to Beinn Bhrotain, and who warned me that Loch nan Stuirteag was midge central, and I might not want to camp there. So I descended the way I had come and made my camp for the night on the south bank of the Allt Luineag, pretty much at the location shown in this photograph. I did not feel like getting my stove out and cooking, so I ate the following day's lunch for supper, promising myself that I would cook myself today's supper for lunch tomorrow, at Corrour Bothy. And so I drifted off to sleep.

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