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Friday, 26 September 2014

Cairngorms Expedition (7)

From Sgor Gaoithe I headed towards Carn Ban Mor, then aimed off to my left. I didn't want to go up Carn Ban Mor ... just find my way to its South East flank and descend towards Loch nan Cnapan, to the North of the Allt Sgairnich. However, I was also keenly aware of the need to stay clear of the cliffs above Coire Odhar. Fortunately it was a clear day and I had plentiful visibility, so this was a thoroughly enjoyable section of my walk. In poor visibility, however, I could well see that it would be a very worrisome one.

On the North East flank of Carn Ban Mor, close to the Fuaran Diotach, I encountered this little sheltered lochan with an old stone shelter. This looked to me like a good wild pitch, and the place to head for if ever caught up on this part of the plateau in deteriorating weather. There is nothing on either the 1 : 50,000 or the 1 : 25 000 map to identify it, although the 1 : 25 000 map does show a little round feature at NN 901977 and I suspect that this may be it. I did not, however, have the 1 : 25 000 map with me at the time. What I did have with me was my GPS unit, however ... so I took a location reading, and copied the grid reference into a text message on my mobile phone. I had no signal to send it, but I didn't need to. I simply saved it to drafts, intending to take a note and mark it off on the map when I got home.

Before I could do this, however, I began encountering difficulties with the functioning of my mobile phone. Suspecting it may be because of the 600 or so old text messages still stored in its poor, overworked memory banks, I told it to delete everything ... and there went my note of the grid reference of this delightful location. Oops!

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