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Friday, 26 September 2014

Cairngorms Expedition (8)

Now, the 1 : 50 000 map shows three small lochans between Carn Ban Mor and Loch nan Cnapan. The 1 : 25000 map shows 27 ... and even this may be an under-estimate. The ground is broken and far from easy to traverse. In clear weather such as I had, I just pointed myself at Loch nan Cnapan and circumnavigated anything I didn't feel like trying to cross, before regaining a course for Loch nan Cnapan. In poor visibility, however, this traverse would be a nightmare. This photo shows one of the larger lochans - which I believe to be the one at NN 914964. I passed it to the North, and then headed East to cross the Allt Loch nan Cnapan a little to the North of the Loch ... then I headed East South East, and looked for a place to cross the Allt Luineag.

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