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Monday, 28 May 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 1: Lochailort to Oban (1)

For some reason I woke up on Saturday 12 May with a bit of a hangover. I didn't think I'd had all THAT much to drink the night before ... but no matter. It wasn't all that bad, and I was sure I could walk it off soon enough.

The weather forecast was for a really bad storm on Sunday 13 May ... so I decided to give my boots a second coat of wax just to make sure they really were nice and water repellent. Then I went downstairs and enjoyed a fine breakfast of kippers and poached egg (hotels on Loch Fyne please take note ... if hotels in Lochailort can supply their guests with kippers, then so can you!!!!!)

After paying my bill I hefted my pack, and set out along the road back past the station. At my first glug stop I finally found a use for that little multi-tool which I have carried ever since finding it by the path on the 2000 Challenge. There was a nasty little sharp projection on one of the strap clips on my new rucksack, and I was sure I was going to cut myself on it sooner or later if it remained in place. So I chose the saw blade, and sawed it off. A great improvement, and a worthwhile contribution to Health & Safety on the TGO Challenge!!

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