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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 3: Oban to Loch Arkaig (8)

Well, beyond the lochan there is a path beside the river, and I thought that I was going to make it down the glen without further incident ... but alas I was wrong! Shortly before Glenpean bothy (indeed, actually within sight of it ... as the photograph shows) I encountered a flooded stretch of path where the river had broken its banks. There were stepping stones there ... but they were underwater. Quite a long way underwater, in fact. In places it was ankle deep. But the rock face to the left didn't look as though it offered a bouldering solution (at least, not to somebody wearing walking boots rather than rock shoes, with an expedition pack on his back) so I decided that it was time to get my feet wet ... and took the plunge.

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