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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 3: Oban to Loch Arkaig (3)

Well, I really needn't have worried about that great lake - because when I reached the exact same spot where it had been the day before, there it was: gone! I found this really quite extraordinary, because it had continued to rain through the night. But, obviously, nowhere near as heavily as on Saturday night and during the course of Sunday, with the result that the lake had had a chance to drain. Surveying the ground, I decided that it probably WOULD have been possible to wade through it (a little more than knee deep at its deepest, in all probability) - but I might have done myself a nasty injury had I unwittingly put my foot into the bed of the stream which, overtopping its banks, had created the lake in the first place. Besides which, even if I could have got through the lake on Sunday, there would still have been the problem of fording the river a little higher up.

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