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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 4: Off Map and On Road (2)

We finished our lunch, and were on our way again by 12.30. Shortly afterwards we heard a vehicle approaching, and stood to the side of the road. The oncoming vehicle turned out to be the Lochaber Mountain Rescue ambulance, and when it saw us it slowed to a halt. The driver asked me "TGO?" and I relied "Yes." He then asked "Are you Jeremy Burrows?" and again I replied "Yes." They said they'd been looking for me, and asked if I were alright. I assured them I was. They then asked if I wanted a lift back to Fort William, and I said that no, I was on a walking challenge and accepting a lift really wasn't within the spirit of the thing. After a little deliberation, however, Colin and Terry decided that they would accept the lift, as they had no reason to keep walking when a ride was available. So I bade them farewell, and the Mountain Rescue people asked me to call in to the police station when I reached Spean Bridge, and that was that.

I continued walking along the loch road, and after a while I spotted some deer ahead. I stopped, and took a photograph, then advanced a little before stopping again and taking another photograph. In this way I was able to approach reasonably close before they took fright and ran off. I had a number of photographs, and this was the best.

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