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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 3: Oban to Loch Arkaig (6)

Progress along Glean Pean was good, and by 2pm I found myself at the West end of Lochan Leum an t-Sagairt. I remembered reading about this lochan in somebody else's Challenge blog. somebody else who had planned to be here, and hence had some comments about the place from their route vetter. I remembered that they had been told that there was no viable way along the shore, that you had to go high: and looking at the loch shore I quickly concurred in this view. What I couldn't remember, however, was whether they had been advised to go high on the North side or the South side. However, as I was on the North side of the river, and as the river was now looking quite healthy, and somewhat forbidding to cross, I decided to stay on this side. It was obvious that I needed to get above the trees and onto the open hillside, and I could see an obvious (if somewhat challenging) route up the steep hillside. So I drank some water, consumed a tube of energy gel, and started up the hillside.


  1. What a gorgeous photo. I didn't look like that the day before. I took the south side at loch level - a bit of a scramble, but do-able.


  2. We did the south side in 83 with no problems but things may have changed a bit in almost 30 years! No doubt the newly planted trees in Glen Pean have grown a bit as well.