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Sunday, 27 September 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 1: Dornie to Loch Mhoicean (3)

As we climbed the glen, I turned and took one last look back towards Loch Long. This was it! The 2015 Challenge: game on.

There were quite a few of us heading up the glen, but I found myself falling in with a first-time Challenger from the US, Greg Linstrom. Our paces were well matched, and we found we had a number of interests in common: genealogy, numismatics, mediaeval history, American history. We therefore walked together for kilometer after kilometer, discussing this, discussing that, discussing the other. As one does. We discussed our routes, and found that whilst our routes for today diverged, tomorrow they would converge again. For today, Greg was going to head off to the Falls of Glomach, whereas I was going to continue to Iron Lodge and then off to the left over Aonach Buidhe. But tomorrow, we both had our eyes set on the four Munros of the ridge to the North of Loch Mullardoch.

I worried about Greg, though - I really did. He was carrying 7 days' worth of food with him, and his pack was - well, massive. I mean, OK, so on my first Challenge I carried something like 22 kg on my back, all the way across. And this was Greg's first Challenge too, so perhaps he could be forgiven for not having the advantage of 9 crossings' experience ot guide him. But all the same ... 7 days' supplies??

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