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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 2: along Loch Mullardoch (1)

When I woke the following morning and looked out of my tent, the day was clear, the light excellent, and the views along Loch Mhoicean were simply sublime. Another tent had appeared overnight, which I hoped was Greg's. But there was no sign of life from its occupant just yet, and I didn't want to disturb whoever it was just yet as they had obviously had a long first day. So I ate some breakfast, struck my tent, packed my rucksack, and then settled down to enjoy the moment. After all, moments like this are rare and precious. If I stayed low, I didn't have too long a day ahead of me, so there was no real hurry about hitting the trail. So I just lazed for a while and enjoyed the time, the place, and the weather. If my nine successful crossings to date had taught me anything, it was not to waste and opportunity such as this to simply enjoy the stunning landscape I was walking through.

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