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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 2: along Loch Mullardoch (5)

I finished my lunch and left the ruin. The path now curved away from the loch as it crossed the headland below Meall Bac a' Chul-dhoire, and here it became indistinct and difficult to follow. Indeed, in the end I lost it altogether and despaired of ever finding it again, so I dropped down towards the loch shore and turned North, expecting to be able to collect it again at the bridge over the Allt Coire a' Mhaim (which is not shown on the map, but which definitely existed, or so I had been told). This route led me into some nasty marshy ground, but I eventually reached the allt and turned upstream. Just before I got to the bridge I found a lovely spot where I couldn't resist sitting in the sunshine for ten minutes or so. Then I refilled my water bottles, shouldered my pack, and used the two very sturdily built bridges to get myself across the Allt Coire a' Mhaim and the Allt Socrach.

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