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Sunday, 27 September 2015

The 2015 Challenge: Getting to the Start (5)

In Kyle, of course, I took the photograph which absolutely HAS to be taken - looking down on the station from the road bridge, with the kyle and Skye in the background. This photograph (or one very similar to it) has, of course, been taken many thousands of times over the years, and no book on the railways of Scotland, or the Highland Railway, or great railway journeys of the world, or remote railways, or ... you get the idea, is complete without it. In earlier days the port was much busier, the track layout more complicated, the trains rather longer, and an immense fish traffic very much in evidence. Nowadays it is, perhaps, somewhat forlorn by comparison ... but at least the line is still there. This was far from certain back in the 1970s because, although the line escaped the "Beeching Axe", there was nevertheless talk of its closure and a tremendous fight was required to keep it open.

But keep it open they did, and now the Friends of the Kyle Line do all they can to make sure it stays that way. They have opened a wonderful little museum in the station buildings, too; and having taken my photograph, I returned and spent some time looking around this.

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