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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 2: along Loch Mullardoch (7)

Shortly before we reached the Allt Taighe I needed to attend to a call of nature, so I dropped back to be discrete about it; and by the time I caught up again with John and Norma, they were already across the Allt Taighe! They had only just crossed, but none the less!

John told me that they had crossed dry-shod, and pointed out the rocks they had used as stepping stones. They were the very last line of rocks before the river tumbled into the loch in a foaming torrent, and I didn't like the look of it. John assured me that they were good rocks and not at all slippy; but even so I was not comfortable making that crossing. Taking a tumble might be unlikely; but its consequences would be dire. So I told John that I would rather make a "wet" crossing a little further upstream, and he sportingly offered to stay and "spot" me across: an offer which I gratefully accepted.

So I went a little upstream, and found a place where I would be comfortable making the crossing. I took off my boots, socks and trousers, and put my sandals on. I put my rucksack back on, but without fastening the waist and chest straps; and I picked up my poles, but didn't put my wrists in the straps. Then I plunges into the chilly waters, and waded across.

Half way up I happened to look up at John, only to see that the swine had his camera out, and was busily collecting photographic evidence of my choice of walking underwear! They were a sky blue pair, and doubtless very photogenic; so I laughed it off and made John promise to e-mail me some copies so I could include the best one in this blog. Alas, my friends, he has not honoured his promise, so I shall just leave you to imagine the scene as best you can.

Safely on dry land once more, I put my trousers and boots back on (with a fresh pair of socks as a special treat), and we turned downstream. There is a little headland here, from which I took this photograph looking back to where the waters of the Allt Taige tumble into the loch. There was already one tent pitched here, and John and Norma decided to stop here as well. I decided to press on a little further, and so I bade them farewell and wished them well for the rest of their crossing.

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