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Monday, 28 September 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 1: Dornie to Loch Mhoicean (11)

We reached Iron Lodge (pictured) at 4 o'clock.

What's that, you say? We? Wasn't Greg going to turn off before then, to go to the Falls of Glomach?

Well, yes, that's right: he was. Only, we were so busy nattering while we walked, that he plain failed to notice his turning. (I noticed a bridge over the river off to our right, and vaguely wondered whether that mightn't be where he was meant to be going - but since he showed no sign whatever of being in any hurry to go there, I assumed not.) It was only when we reached Carnach that we realized Greg has missed the Falls of Glomach path - and when we realized that, I persuaded him to stick with me and bag a Corbett instead. He didn't take all that much persuading, and so we stuck together.

We took the opportunity to have a quick poke around at Iron Lodge, finding the couple who had left the hotel at 8.30 that morning already nicely ensconced for the night. We wished them well, and pressed on. We had a mountain to climb - and although we still had plenty of daylight, I did want to get back down in good time to make camp, have my supper, and wash up before the light began to fail.

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