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Sunday, 27 September 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 1: Dornie to Loch Mhoicean (6)

Eventually we reached the head of the glen, and the view down to Camas-luinie was just AWESOME. This is what the Challenge is all about. This is what Scotland is all about. This is just a little bit of heaven!!!

The descent to Camas-luinie, on the other hand, was the other side of what the Challenge is all about. There is a path shown on the map ... but is there a path on the ground?? Picking our way down through the heather, it didn't seem so! But, one way or another, we got down to the valley floor, where we stopped for lunch. Then we pressed on into Glen Elchaig; and Greg was grateful to be with an experienced Scottish hillwalker. He was, at times, a little anxious that it looked as though we were heading into private land. But hell, there's a right of access, there's a path shown on the map, and there's only one track on the ground heading up the glen. So that's what I took ... and Greg followed ... and we talked about history, and genealogy, and numismatics ...

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