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Monday, 30 May 2011

The 2011 Challenge, Day 1: Acharacle to Scamodale (3)

Thankfully the rain did not last for terribly long; and as I continnued along the road, occasional views of Loch Sunart opened up.


  1. Hi - Is there a reason why each day is broken down into millions of chunks? is it posting the pictures singly?

    Need a hand with Blogger? Give me a shout J and I'll show you how to put loads of pictures all in one day

  2. You've got it in one, Alan. Old Cyberblonde here hasn't been able to work out how to put more than one photo into a post.

  3. Ah - just seen your reply - a bit late now, but I'll email you some suggestions J.

    If you allow new comments to be emailed to the original writer of the comment I would have spotted this a bit earlier! :-)