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Sunday, 29 May 2011

The 2011 Challenge, Prologue: getting to the start (11)

The track took me past Kentra Bay (pictured) and on into some pleasant woods.

Before long I came to a path junction where I met a fellow walker with an expedition rucksack sitting beside the track. It was a pleasant spot and I was in need of a glug so, surmising that he was a fellow Challenger, I sat and we talked for a while.

He was indeed a fellow Challenger: Dutchman Rolf Kerkhot Magot, on his way to Acharacle to start his fourth crossing. He had been wondering about going down to the sands to camp himself but, having been camped out in a storm the night before, he decided to go looking for some hard shelter in Acharacle instead. So in due course we parted, he following the path I had come along, and I turning right along the short spur down to the Singing Sands.

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