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Sunday, 5 June 2011

The 2011 Challenge, Day 2: Scamodale to Glen Pean (5)

On the way up to the Bealach I came to two fords where there was no practical way of crossing with dry feet. This was the first of them. Fine in a Land Rover, no doubt; but on foot you're going to get wet!

I carry Teva walking sandals at the top of my pack for just such circumstances, and on both occasions it was a case of approach shoes, socks and trousers off; sandals on; and just plunge in! I have considered rolling up my trouser legs; but if you misjudge the depth of the water and don't roll them far enough you then have to choose between stopping mid-crossing and trying to roll them further, or getting your trousers wet. Neither is ideal. Far easier just to whip 'em off, keep them dry, and put 'em back on again at the far side. For the first time this year I was carrying a micro-fibre towel, which enabled me to dry my feet at the far side before putting my socks back on, and I was most grateful for this!

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