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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 5: Laggan to Melgarve (3)

The descent into Glen Turret revealed some breathtaking views. It was also quite steep, and I had to make a long, angled descent down to the valley floor. As I approached the River Turret, I heard some voices on the other side of the river. Looking across, I saw four Challengers making their way down the far side having presumably crossed the bridge over the Allt Eachan at NN332941 which isn't marked on the map, but which my route vetter assured me is there.

I was aiming to cross the bridge over the River Turret at NN333931 which IS shown on the map ... but from a vantage point which enabled me to view the entire run of the river down to the confluence with the Allt a Chomhlain, I was unable to see any evidence whatever of a bridge. Still, the river looked shallow and easily forded, so I just plunged in and squelched my way across the boggy ground on the far side to reach the path. Here I sat down to remove my wet shoes and socks, and have a bite of lunch while waiting for the other Challengers to reach me.

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