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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 5: Laggan to Melgarve (4)

The four Challengers who soon joined me were the Italians (pictured) in company with Rolf and A. N. Other. It seems that, despite startign an hour and a half ahead of me, they had assumed that there would be a crossing point somewhere along the deer fence and so had spent ages wandering up and down looking for it! Eventually, when they concluded that there wasn't, they had just climbed over as I had done. The Italians were heading for Melgarve, as was I; but Rolf and his temporary companion were both aiming to go through the hills from Annat, with an eventual objective of Dalwhinnie. So I said that I'd accompany the Italians up Glen Roy, which enabled the other two (who had a long day's walking ahead of them) to press on.

I finished my lunch, changed into dry socks and my Teva sandals, and the Italians and I headed down Glen Turret towards Turret Bridge. Our walking paces were well matched, and we made good progress on the well-made track.

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