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Sunday, 26 June 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 7: Newtonmore to Kingussie (3)

After lunch, I wandered around Kingussie. There is a nice little nature reserve around the lochan at NH 765008, and a clock tower (pictured) up on the hill overlooking the Allt Gynack. There are interpretation boards telling you about the history of Kingussie as a planned "mill town" depending on the Gynack for its power. All in all a most interesting little town, if you have the time to poke around.

Returning to my guest house to have a nice, long bath and generally relax before supper, I met Colin Tock strolling through town. We stopped and chatted, and the news he had was quite stunning. Alan Hardy had withdrawn, and when Colin last heard Bernie Marshall was in difficulties but struggling on. The weather was certainly taking its toll: these are not the sort of names you expect to hear on the withdrawals list!!!

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