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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 5: Laggan to Melgarve (8)

After leaving Luib Chonnal, the path climbs through the woods and then up to the watershed between the rivers Roy and Spey. Soon after the watershed, Loch Spey came into view down below to the right.

At Shesgnanan, two and a half kilometres beyond Loch Spey, I changed back into my Teva sandals for the final two and a half kilometres to Melgarve. Nicole had plans to press on to Garva Bridge, but it was looking set to be a wild night and I tried to persuade her that she should maybe stop at Melgarve with us, and add the five kilometres to Garva Bridge to the next day's walk.

She was not too keen on that idea: the next day she was planning on making it all the way through to Newtonmore, and the extra five kilometres would make it into a big day. Stopping short wasn't such a problem for me, however, as I was planning on takign two days from Melgarve to Kingussie.

Eventually, I persuaded her that she shoudl at least take a break at Melgarve and have supper; and that she could then decide whether or not to press on to Garva Bridge.

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