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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 5: Laggan to Melgarve (1)

The news in the morning was that Mike didn't think he could continue; which meant that Marian had to withdraw as well, because she did not think she could manage the extra weight of taking the tent by hrself. This was a great shame - it's always a great shame when Challengers have to withdraw from the event. It also meant that the Italians were looking for new walking companions to accompany them up Glen Roy. I offered - but they wanted to be away as soon as possible whereas I was in no hurry to get going. So they left at about 8 o'clock, whilst I didn't finally leave the hostel until about 9.30

My route took me up the Allt an Sidhein, and the Challenge organisers had helpfully left a written route description and large-scale map at the hostel reception for teh benefit of CHallengers going this way. Furthermore, the hostel receptionist kindly agreed to make photocopies so that we could take a copy with us.

I have my copy in front of me as I write this entry. The route description is as follows:

"Cross the field opposite the hostel and turn right on the forest track (old railway line) on the other side.

"Take the first forest road turning to the left (heading steeply back to the NE). Turn R at the next junction. Follow the "zig" and "zag" and turn R at the next juntion. The next long "zig" goes through a newly cleared area with great views of Loch Lochy & the Munros.

"The track turns SE and enters another large cleared area of forest. Just before the track doubles-back around the stream take the last turning off to the L. This track goes through a cleared area for a short while and then reenters the forest. Turn off the track before the forest and head R along the margin between the forested and felled areas on a faint path. At the corner of the felled area turn R (now heading S) and you'll quickly find a much more distinct path between the felled area and forest.

"This track contours SSE above the forestry land and peters out on open hillside."

The photograph accompanying this post shows the "great views of Loch Lochy & the Munros" - which definitely justified digging the camera out of the rucksack.

The written description was very good, and it was easy to find the way - although when it said "this path contours SSE" what it actually meant was that the path climbs at an oblique angle across the face of the hillside. That apart, however, the route description was spot on and very helpful.

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