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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 9: Cairngorm Lodge to Tomintoul (1)

Saturday 21 May 2011. I had originally planned to send my next resupply parcel to Tomintoul Youth Hostel to be collected when I arrived there this evening; but the parcels had to be posted before I set off, and this hostel did not in fact open for the season until Friday 20 May ... which meant that there would be nobody there to receive it. I therefore made alternative arrangements ... which involved asking Glenmore Lodge to hold the parcel for me (which they were happy to do). Now I could have collected it the night before, but I'd told them that it would be collected on the morning of 21 May so I thought it better that I should do what I had said I would do. Accordingly, I called in at Glenmore Lodge again this morning and collected my parcel.

As I left Glenmore Lodge, I met a group of four Challengers who were heading the same way as me, and we walked together for a while, stopping to take photographs of An Lochan Uaine (pictured). We separated soon after, however, as they forked right - taking the track past the site of Bynack Stable - while I forked left towards Ryvoan Bothy.

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