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Monday, 4 July 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 11: Suie to Lumsden (3)

The B9002 is a much quieter road than the A941, and I was much happier walking on it in the strong wind; but I was happier still when I got to turn off onto the path over Clayhooter Hill.

The quality of this path is good - very good; and the bridge over the nameless burn above Silverford is well engineered. It all has the feel of 18th century military road-building about it, and I wondered whether that might in fact be its origin.

The photograph shows the little lochan on the flank of Clayhooter Hill at NJ 437242. I should very much like to be able to report that there are lovely flat swards on either side offering ideal wild camping pitches ... but were I to write this, I should not be telling the truth. There are flat stretches beside the lochan alright, but they are very wet and boggy. There MIGHT be a pitch there, I suppose, if you really search for it. But there was nothing suitable that was visible from the path as I walked by.

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