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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 14: Inverurie to Balmedie (1)

Day 14, Thursday 26 May 2011, dawned much as every other day of this Challenge: overcast, and looking like rain again. In the event, however, it was the only day of the Challenge when I did not once wear my waterproofs, nor need them. I managed to walk through a "hole" in the rain. For much of the way I could see rain ahead of me and behind me, and off to one if not both sides. But it never once fell on me. Good trick that. Wish I could work out how I did it, as there may be occasions when I wish to do it again!

I walked down into the centre of Inverurie, noticing this nicely-preserved old plough in the front garden of one of the houses I passed, and then headed out over the railway. I paused on the railway bridge to take a good long look at the old Great North of Scotland station building, which was well preserved and in good shape, and then I pressed on. I wanted to reach Newmachar for lunch - which make a 16km morning stint. Perfectly manageable, but it left no time for dawdling.

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