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Monday, 4 July 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 11: Suie to Lumsden (6)

Well ... there it is: my luck was in!

I made enquiries, and they did indeed have a room for the night - although they did not offer evening meals. I enquired about the "PH" in the village. They told me that was the Lumsden Arms hotel, and that they thought it had closed down. I said that I would go and investigate, and be back in a while.

Well, the hotel was indeed closed, although the village shop on the other side of the green was open. The shopkeeper told me all about it - the proprietor was unwell and it was now for sale, but nobody had yet been found to buy it. So I sauntered back to my B&B with this news. The B&B proprietors were entirely happy, however, for me to borrow their kitchen to cook for myself, so I treated myself to a nice, hearty three course meal.

I was not the only Challenger staying there that night. Some time after I got back from my exploration of the village, Elizabeth Murphy came in out of the rain. We were both very well looked after; but the B&B proprietors are an elderly couple - who married before the War and at one time lived in the ruined farmhouse up on the hill - and now they are trying to wind down the business. They no longer actively solicit custom, so although they gave us a splendid welcome and excellent hospitality, I shall not give any more details here.

What I will say, however, is this: that I walked all around the village, and saw no sign of any other B&B. So unless and until the Lumsden Arms is bought and re-opened, I think Challengers need to treat Lumsden as a village offering no accommodation.

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