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Monday, 4 July 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 13: Alford to Inverurie (2)

Heading North meant crossing the River Don once again, this time at Montgarrie Bridge. The old bridge was finally retired a couple of years ago, and replaced with the new bridge which we see today (pictured) which was carefully designed to preserve the character of the original. And I reckon they made a pretty damn fine job of it, too!

In Montgarrie I turned right; and then at Crossroads I turned left for Keig. Then I headed for Pond Croft, where I would head up into the hills for the last time this crossing (and today I WASN'T going to miss out!!). The high winds of the last few days had obviously done a lot of damage to the trees of the Castle Forbes estate, and as I walked by I heard the chainsaw gangs busily at work on the fallen limbs and branches.

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