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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 13: Alford to Inverurie (7)

My reasoning proved sound, and I was not disappointed. East Aquhorthies stone circle is a recumbent stone circle - a type peculiar to this area, in which a large stone (the "recumbent stone") is placed on its side. The circle is complete, and is indeed impressive. There is no obvious vantage point from which it was possible, on my camera, to capture the entire circle ... but I found a spot from which it was possible to capture most of it.

Definitely worth the short diversion!

I then returned to the road and followed it down into Inverurie. Crossing the A96 at the roundabout wasn't such a problem after all, as there was a pedestrian underpass! However, my hotel turned out to be an impersonal corporate hotel serving the Aberdeen market; and I guess next time I come this way I may try the hotel at Kenmay instead - especially as it looks as though a section of old railway trackbed from Dalmadilly has been turned into a path or roadway of sorts. No worries, however. The hotel was pleasant enough, and I was just glad to get a bath and a good hot meal.

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