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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The 2011 Challenge, Epilogue (4)

I went down to Montrose beach, and I took a photograph of Scurdie Ness lighthouse across the River South Esk. This was, of course, where I had finished in 2010; but with no juice left in my camera battery to record the event. So I thought I should perhaps take a photograph now.

In the evening, we had the traditional Challengers' dinner at the Park. Tales of the Crossing were exchanged, of course - the most alarming being Rolf's story of having been swept off his feet during a river crossing. Thankfully he survived to tell the tale, and even completed his crossing. But it must have been a hairy moment.

The Park disappointed, I have to say, in its ability to cope with the needs of a gluten-intolerant diner. I had alerted them to this in good time, and yet still they weren't prepared with a suitable desert. "We can put together a fruit salad for you if you like" isn't really good enough, in my book. Charge me less and give me two courses, or plan and deliver a proper desert. I don't care which ... but I do care that I shouldn't be charged full-whack and receive only half-whack.

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