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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The 2011 Challenge, day 14: Inverurie to Balmedie (12)

I walked down to the water's edge and dipped a pole into the sea to symbolise the end of my Challenge, then I texted Challenge Control to let them know that I had finished. I dropped my pack and took this photograph of myself.

The beaches North of Aberdeen are amazing - I really don't know why more Challengers don't aim to finish up here - and I had this one to myself. Acres and acres of amazing golden sand, all totally deserted.

It just had to be done, didn't it?

I took some clothes off (I'll leave you to ponder how many, and which) and ran out into the sea. It wasn't quite as cold as I'd imagined, and I stayed in the waves a while. However, I'm not a strong swimmer and I was entirely alone, so I did not go too far out. Thigh-deep, with the occasional wave almost to my waist, was about as far as I was prepared to push it.

As I returned across the strand, a vicious wind blew along the beach, and my bare legs received a thorough sandblasting.

But I didn't care. For I had finished!


  1. Certainly not, Andy.

    Check the timeline. For me, ze challenge vas over.