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Saturday, 3 October 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 3: Mullardoch to Tomich (10)

The Tomich hotel was a welcome sight!

I arrived just before 4.30, and in normal circumstances I should probably have wanted to go and sit in the garden. Possibly even have gone to the very bottom of the garden, where you can cool your feet in the icy waters of the Abhainn Deabhag. But today it was raining, and neither of those seemed particularly attractive options. So I signed in and went to my room, where my resupply parcel was waiting for me. I attempted to take a bath, but there was no hot water (a bit disappointing, that, considering how expensive this hotel is ... ) so I took a shower instead. Then I phoned Challenge Control, phoned home, had a shave to make myself presentable, and wandered down to explore the bar and have my evening meal.

There were a number of Challengers in the bar that evening. I remember Sloman stumbling in, looking like a drowned rat, only to stumble out again and continue to Cannich. And I remember Judith (how can anyone forget Judith??). And there were others, whose names I did not record and cannot now recall. If any of them were hoping for a mention in my blog, I'm sorry ... Supper was Lamb casserole, and very fine it was too. Accompanied, no doubt, by one or more pints of cider, and probably chased down by a dram or two. As for the details, however ... well, just use your collective imaginations ...

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