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Saturday, 31 October 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 5: Drumnadrochit to Dalbeg (1)

Being booked onto the early boat meant an early alarm call; and an early alarm call meant that I didn't get to enjoy the Loch Ness Inn's breakfast. Still, at least my gear was all dry.

I packed everything away and headed out to the pier. On the way, I encountered Greg again. He too was on the early boat, and so we walked together. We were the first to arrive at the pier, and we settled down to wait. I pulled out a breakfast pack, mixed up some powdered goat's milk, and had some cereal (I'd rather have had kippers ... ). Then we poked around a bit, and got to debating the purpose of this gate (pictured).

Well, after a while, we concluded that as gates of this kind are usually used to keep livestock in (or out), it was obviously necessary to close the gate after using the slipway, in order that the monster shouldn't escape ...

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